Immersive Innovation

Interactive software to inform, educate & entertain.

We believe in the positive power of art, education and information. Immersive Innovation is using interactive technology in new and exciting ways. We design and develop engaging, user-friendly and accessible software applications that bring information, art and education to audiences around the world.

Immersive Innovation works in 3 areas: Curat10n, Educat10n & Informat10n


Exhibitions, Archiving & Arts Events

Curat10n offers specialist services to galleries, museums, curators, art dealers, collectors, exhibition designers and artists. Virtual galleries can be used to exhibit and promote artwork globally, to make online multimedia content, to create interactive art installations & events, or to save time and money when curating, planning and visualizing exhibitions.


Teaching & Learning

We develop original educational resources and applications, using the power of interactive and immersive technology. Educat10n’s aim is to create new methods of teaching and learning that will enable everyone to develop their skills and knowledge effectively. This can be achieved by providing a user friendly experience that effectively uses interaction, sound, and vision to create engaging learning resources.


Data Visualization & Reporting

Informat10n is working towards a mini-revolution in data visualization and communication. We develop interactive and immersive information resources and applications using 3D technology – because the best research and analysis should inspire audiences to explore and understand their world.


Curat10n Exhibition Designer

Informat10n Data Dashboard: Health