Informat10n is designing innovative new platforms for sharing information, telling stories and visualising data. We create interactive and immersive applications that help to communicate with audiences and deliver a message that is informative, motivational and useful – whatever the topic.

We believe that information should not simply be viewed and consumed passively but should have the power to inspire change and incite progress – in business, politics, health, social development or any other area of analysis and research.

We use the latest digital technology to design and produce effective tools for communicating and exploring the information that is available in any given field. It may be for internal use within an organisation, as part of decision making and project management, or for publication, sharing and widespread dissemination. Our applications are not only a powerful communication tool but also a flexible content creation resource, allowing you to tell the story of your data via social media, video production and compelling presentations.

Visit the Educat10n web site to find out more about our current projects and the design & development services we offer: