Curat10n make virtual art exhibitions and interactive experiences for galleries, museums, curators and artists.

In a virtual gallery you have total control over how artwork and information is displayed. There’s no limit to the amount of space you have available and there’s no need to take the work down, which makes it a great way of archiving your artwork and keeping a permanent record of each exhibition you create.

Virtual galleries can be shared worldwide – online and via email. It’s a great way of expanding a real-world gallery space or making exhibitions more cost-effective and accessible to people everywhere. Each artwork can be easily re-sized, re-positioned and displayed alongside further information or links to an online store. It’s also possible to include sculptural work, video installations, surround sound audio in a virtual gallery – so you can also showcase music, live performance & film.

Visit the Curat10n web site to find out more about our current projects and the design & development services we offer: